The Democratic Party in their 40s and the Korean Party in their 60s.Do you think your 20s are the right future?

The Bareun Future Party is repeatedly reaching out to the young man. The party is apparently seeking an alternative party for young people to raise its approval rating. Some party insiders say that people in their 40s and 60s find their identity in an atmosphere of the Minjoo Party of Korea and the Liberal Korea Party.

According to the political circle on Wednesday, the Bareun Mirae Party will use this year's increase in salary as a youth scholarship fund. It is different from the two major parties, the Minjoo Party of Korea and the Liberty Korea Party. The Bareun Mirae Party has raised 45.6 million won by donating all the remaining 45.6 million won, except for four proportional representation lawmakers (Park Sun-sook, Park Joo-hyun, Lee Sang-don, Jang Jeong-sook) who are not active in the party. This will go back to 38 young people.

Voices representing young people are also growing.

The top hataegyeong in GNP senior members ' meeting on May 11 Moon Jae-in following his 34.92 mark on the New Year news conference president of the KCTU and don't care about the young and Moon Jae-in, the government.This happened only the government and criticizing that their “The KCTU government, youth and a half”. "The president said the youth employment rate was the highest, but this is not the real employment rate," Ha said. "If I attend public institutions in preparation for civil servants, I fall out of the statistics." The youth unemployment rate, including 토토사이트 those of them, is the highest at 22.8 percent. "The president has no worries about his 20s and 30s," he said. "The president is increasing youth unemployment and adding more food to the KCTU."

"Many young people want a fair recruitment system that allows them to use their abilities," said Lee Joon-seok, a supreme council member. The two lawmakers are in a tight spot to shout "Youth" at various meetings.

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